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Lizano Salsa SaleWELCOME TO THE COSTA RICAN STORE! Cafe 1820 Kilo Bean

We are your US online Lizano Salsa store. We carry three sizes of Lizano Salsa, 700ml Lizano(23oz), 280ml Lizano(9oz), and 135ml LIzano(4.5oz).  Our Lizano Salsa Sauce comes at least once a month to our US warehouse. This ensures the freshest Lizano Salsa straight from Lizano in Costa Rica to your doorstep. Why are our prices so reasonable?  We do not pay for advertisement that only drives the cost of the product up for our customers.  Our customers recommend Costa Rican Store.  We are not just a website, but a small business company in the USA.  If this is your first time ordering from us, give us a call and we can help you place your first order.  We loved talking to our customers.  

Try our Costa Rican Store Coffee Club? For less then what you can buy in the grocery store, you can have your fresh Costa Rica coffee shipped monthly to your door. We offer monthly bi-monthly and quarterly. Dont see a club right for you, let us know nd we will add it for you.

Are you missing the great food you had in Costa Rica? Or did you get it as a gift from someone who went to Costa Rica. No matter which way, we deliver your favorite Costa Rica food / products to your door. 

Looking for your favorite Costa Rican recipes? We have a great recipe page with all you favorite Lizano Salsa recipes. Spice up your favorite recipes with Costa Rican ingredients like Lizano Salsa, Lizano Chilero, Salsa Rica, Mango Chutney, and Rum Cake! Don't forget to email us your own recipes to add to our recipe page. 

Surprise your friends and family with a piece of Costa Rica. We have great gift baskets that are perfect for all occasions. We have special ones made for the holidays. Do you have corporate gift baskets you need for the holidays? Let us know and we can custom them make them to your specifications. 

Costa Rican cuisine  (food) is known for being amazing flavorful, yet fairly mild, with fresh fruit and vegetables. Rice and black beans are a staple of most traditional Costa Rican meals, often served three times a day; gallo pinto, a breakfast dish of rice and beans mixed together with onions and bell peppers, is often considered the Costa Rican national dish. But who can have Gallo Pinto without Lizano Salsa or Banquette Salsa Inglesa. 

Costa Rica Coffee - Looking for your favorite Costa Rican Coffee..well, we have it.  We bring it in fresh from Costa Rica.  Costa Rica coffee is amazing and believe it should be delivered as fresh as if you bought it in the grocery store in Costa Rica..( i.e. Hypermas, Walmart, Mas x Menos, Mega Super, and Automercado)  Coffee include Cafe 1820, Cafe Rey, Cafe Sanchez, DokaTres Gererationes, Montana, Cafe Volio.  Check out our wonderful Coffee clubs available monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly.

This month special include Lizano Free Shipping offers.  Lizano 700ml, Lizano 280ml, Lizano 135ml, and Lizano Chilero.

Our Toll Free Number is 866-698-4267.  Monday - Friday 9am - 12 noon.  Available in English and Spanish.

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